Why You Should Get Involved In Voluntary Charity Work At Hospitals

Published: 09th September 2008
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There are many reasons why people decide to get involved in voluntary charity work with a hospital in their local area. In the first place, performing hospital volunteer work is certainly a cause that is worthy of a volunteer's time. The services that such volunteers provide are not only needed and appreciated by adult patients, but there is also a need for those who wish to do volunteer work with children, as they are in need of receiving compassionate and attentive care as well.

In most instances, hospital patients feel somewhat trapped when they have to be in a hospital, and add to that the stress of dealing with their injury or illness. In such situations, these patients really appreciate the company and attentive assistance that community volunteer work participants are able to provide for them.

There are many volunteers who say that their favorite form of voluntary charity work involves working with children who are stuck in drab and dull hospital rooms. They find it particularly gratifying to bring a smile to a sick child and help to make their day brighter.

Hospital volunteer work with children also means that the volunteer is giving the parents of a sick or injured child a much needed break so that they can get a meal, take care of their other children or other responsibilities, or just take a few moments to freshen up. When parents have a sick child in the hospital, they often feel guilty even leaving the bedside for a moment. Yet knowing a friendly and compassionate voluntary charity worker is near at hand makes them feel more relaxed, so that they can also take care of themselves, which is also very important.

There is another reason why young people should become involved in volunteer charity work at a hospital. It can be beneficial to the volunteer, as they can list the charity work they have done on their resume or college application.

Showing this evidence of being a caring person, who has been involved in summer volunteer work for teens in their community can help the volunteer get their foot in the door at a company they wish to work for or be accepted into a better quality of school. While this should not be the primary reason why a person volunteers to do charity work, it can be a very nice extra side benefit for giving up their time and energy to do charity volunteer work at hospitals.

For volunteers who would like to take advantage of that benefit, they should request a letter of recommendation from their supervisor who oversees the medical volunteer work. This recommendation can be kept and used for many years in the future for job and school situations and just having it in hand can make the volunteer feel they have contributed well and can give them an extra boost of confidence for their work well done.

Participating in voluntary charity work programs at local hospitals can also be very helpful to anyone who is considering a career in medicine, since they can see up close what careers in the medical field entail. On top of that, when applying for medical school, having hospital volunteer work listed in their application can make an impression on the admissions office of the school.

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