What You Can Learn By Taking A Gender Identity Test

Published: 14th August 2008
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You may be aware of what transgenders are and what it involves. Though society today is more permissive of deviations from the stereotype roles of man and woman, many transgender groups are formed to support such people because of inadequate tolerance and acceptance in society.

Normally, such a person would feel depressed and confused because they want to be like the opposite sex in every way, which in turn would be frowned upon by all those surrounding them. If you think this description matches you, then take a gender identity test which will confirm whether or not you are suffering from this condition.

What if a gender identity test says that you are indeed feeling and behaving like the opposite gender? What if you find that you are unable to live as you are since you exhibit all the characteristics of the opposite gender?

Fortunately, modern science has some answers for transgenders, besides the groups that support transgender adaptation to normal life: you can have a sex change by means of surgery. The surgery is long, painstaking and often irreversible, so such measures are only taken after years of assessments and when the medical practitioner is fully convinced that you need this intervention to improve the quality of your life.

There are choices today for transgenders that could make their life easier, i.e. transgender surgery which could change them over to the opposite sex. This is a very complex surgical procedure, not to mention very expensive. For this reason, doctors are not very keen on taking immediate action on such requests.

The fact that the anatomical changes are intensive and often irreversible, it makes the medical fraternity very cautious about granting this wish. A gender identity test is usually carried out to ensure that such a request is based on facts.

Simply stated, sometimes a man or a woman finds they are trapped in the wrong body. They feel that they are a man trapped in the body of a woman or vice-versa. This is not the same as being gay or lesbian, but a totally different and very intense feeling and conviction.

Some transgenders manage to compromise their feelings and create a satisfactory environment for themselves, with the help of transgender therapy and transgender groups for support. Others, who are not able to adapt will look for transgender surgery, which is usually only done when the answers to a gender identity test confirms the disorder exists. Once this is done and you are accepted for the gender change surgery, you may be one of the many who enjoy a fairy tale ending, and "live happily ever after."

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