Tips When Choosing Your Electric Go Kart

Published: 31st January 2009
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As the green revolution hits the mainstream, the go kart market is responding to the demand for cleaner-running karts. An electric go kart has so many advantages over gas karts that choosing electric over gas should be a no-brainer.

Electric models create no emissions, are able to run on indoor kart tracks, have much less maintenance to bother with and no gasoline to handle. So if you would rather be on the track than in the shop, then going with an electric cart should be an easy decision.

Deciding what model of go kart to buy your child can be a hard decision to make. If you have decided to make the purchase, then your next thought should be whether a gas or electric model is the better choice. There are several reasons why electric go karts are more advantageous than gokarts powered by gas.

One reason is that an electric go kart is cheaper than a gas model. There are many electric go karts for under $200. Karts powered by gas generally start around $400 or $500. When you consider the cost of racing karts, buying a kart that is less expensive and practically maintenance free are huge pluses.

Electric go karts are safer than their gas counterparts in several ways. Gas powered karts can be dangerous due to the fact that gasoline is extremely flammable. Most parents don't want their kids handling gasoline.

In the event of a crash, there is no worry about a fire with electric karts. Kids can safely handle the batteries required by electric go karts. Another safety feature is that electric go karts have speed control so that parents can determine how fast their kids are able to go.

An electric go kart is more environmentally friendly. It is well known that burning gas releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere. The two and four stroke gas go kart engines are notoriously inefficient at pollution control. You will feel good knowing you are not adding to carbon emissions with your child's toy. Plus, your kid won't be breathing in any poisonous fumes while enjoying his go kart or participating in a kart race.

Another factor in the decision-making process is noise levels. A gas powered one will create a lot of noise when it's started and while it's running. If your neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, then loud engine noises from your go kart may cause problems with your neighbors. Electric karts make very little noise.

Looking at performance between the two models, an electric go kart has a more efficient engine than a gas go kart. Not only that, they can easily outperform gas powered racing karts in handling and performance. And unlike gas go karts, which are vulnerable to tip overs on sharp turns, electric karts are virtually impossible to tip over while cutting precarious corners.

An electric go kart is the wisest choice for most families. They are dependable and safe for kids. Not only do they have low noise levels and maintenance costs, low emissions mean your child isn't breathing toxic fumes and you are doing your part for the environment. Outdoor or indoor karting is a fun pastime to do with your family.

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