The Role Of Cargo Agents

Published: 17th June 2008
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If you have ever worked with a freight shipping company, or been a part of one, then you know how important cargo agents really are. If not, then you might wonder what the job of a cargo agent really is. Who are they and what do they do? If you are serious about learning about the shipping industry, then you need to know.

What is the job of a cargo agent? Their job is simple, but not easy. Cargo agents arrange and track cargo and freight for trains, airlines or trucking companies. They decide freight routes and prepare all shipping documents. The agents take orders from customers and arrange for the delivery of the cargo.

A cargo agent also keeps records of the amount of cargo, type, weight and dimensions. They run a virtual lost and found for inventory, and keep track of the condition that the cargo is in. On top of that, a cargo agent also must do miscellaneous tasks. The usual salary for a cargo agent is around $20,700 to $54,480 per year, but the average wage hovers somewhere around $25,720 to $43,250.

The typical cargo agent also receives usual company benefits and companies usually pay for uniforms. If someone wants to find a rewarding career that does not require a four year post secondary education, then being a cargo agent might be a good idea, because often a degree is not required.

This is basically the job of cargo agents in a nutshell. Some agents work on the side of a freight shipping company, and some agents work more for the companies that make the products to transport. Regardless of who they really work for, being a cargo agent can be quite interesting, and can give a level of fun to a job, especially if the agent really likes planes and air cargo companies.

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