The Bartender Has Many Responsibilities

Published: 23rd June 2008
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There is more to tending a bar than meets the eye. A lot of people might think that it is an easy job, but it is quite the opposite, as a bartender has many different duties and responsibilities. There are numerous bartending schools devoted to the art of teaching the skills necessary to provide professional bartending services. Some people believe that bartending is one of the oldest professions in the world. Most of the duties that the bartender is responsible for are ones that a customer would never realize.

The atmosphere of an establishment will often depend on the personality of the person, or persons tending bar, as they are often part of the entertainment. This is especially true with flair bartenders. If the guy or gal behind the bar is feisty and fun, then it tends to make the patrons in the bar upbeat and jolly.

So, in this profession you not only have to learn the bartending skills but you have to really be a people person. You will likely have to listen to the customer's troubles, as well as confessions. You will have to entertain. You will also have to serve as an age patroller because it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone you serve is of legal drinking age. So, duties are definitely not limited to mixing drinks.

A bartender is also usually responsible for keeping the bar stocked with supplies. Some of his or her responsibilities might include: keeping the bar stocked with alcohol, napkins, glassware, ingredients for drinks, and various other bar supplies. In some places, the bartender is also responsible for bringing out appetizers or other food. In almost every case, bartenders have to keep track of the money customers spend or don't spend (if they have a tab), which can be a difficult task sometimes.

So, the next time you go into a bar and order a drink, think about how much responsibility the bartender has. His or her night involves much more than standing there mixing up the cocktail of your choice and listening to your problems.

It is easy to assume that the person behind the bar has an easy job because when you are being served they make it seem like you are their only customer. Yet, they have to make everyone they serve feel the same way. So, if the person making your drinks entertains you, sympathizes with you, or simply makes you feel comfortable, then they are doing their job well.

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