Taking A Took At The Gazelle Edge

Published: 05th July 2009
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Anytime you buy a new weight loss product from the internet or from an infomercial, you have to be willing to do a bit of research and keep a bit of skepticism about the product with you until you try it out fully. Exercise machines, in all their various forms, are no different.

There are countless late night infomercials that claim to have the best elliptical machine or trainer. And such is the case with exercise guru Tony Little hawking the benefits of the Gazelle Edge.

Many elliptical trainers are very heavy and very expensive. If you are comparing the Gazelle Edge to something in your local gym, then the Edge is going to come up short. But it is not meant to compete with the thousand dollar machines.

You can buy it for around $100 and it is much lighter than the typical elliptical machine. But do not let that lightness of weight fool you. Most users found it extremely easy to use and loved that they could move it to various spots in their home.

The Edge is not a fancy machine with a lot of bells and whistles. You do get a computer that monitors your distance, calories burned and time spent on the machine. It is very smooth to use and you can easily go from a walk to a run without any problems.

The downside to the Edge is that it offers no resistance and you really have to put some thought and effort into getting a full workout. Tony Little makes the claim that the Edge gives a workout that is both cardiovascular and weight resistant but users have found this not to be exactly true. One user even commented that after 40 minutes on the Edge, he did not have a sweat built up at all and that he sweated more while doing sit-ups.

Another downside is the maximum weight limit. The Edge, while being pretty sturdy, can only support up to 250 pounds. If you are heavier than that, then this is not the elliptical machine for you. However, if you do weigh less and are just beginning to get into the workout frame of mind, the Gazelle Edge may be exactly what you need.

It does not require extensive knowledge to operate and it is very reasonably priced. If you are willing to pay $30 more, you can get the three workout videos that go along with the Edge and have Tony Little guiding you in your workout endeavor. All in all, you get what you pay for and this may be the machine you need to start with.

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