Should I Invest In The 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike?

Published: 30th June 2009
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Confidence is a great thing to have. It helps you lift your head up high and walk with the knowledge that you can do or achieve anything. Confidence is also a manufacturer of exercise equipment. If you think about it, the name of the company makes sense.

Confidence promotes products that help people to achieve their health goals. Their most popular product is the 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike. Though the brand name is Confidence, is this equipment going to give that self assurance to you?

Elliptical trainers are designed so that there is minimum stress placed on the joints. The basic premise is that you put your feet into the pedals, grab the handle bars and begin a natural walking motion that goes in an elliptical pattern. You can increase the tempo to a jog or a run but your feet never leave the pedals.

A good elliptical trainer will work your upper body as it works your lower body and you will burn five times the calories that just walking would achieve. That really should build up your confidence as you begin to get fit and lose that extra weight. Not to mention it is a great cardiovascular workout that keeps your heart and lungs healthy.

The 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike is both an elliptical machine and an exercise bike. If you want to use the elliptical portion of the machine you simply stand up. If you want to use the exercise bike portion you simply sit down and pedal. That sounds pretty simple but many users of this product have varying complaints about the product.

One very common complaint is that the combo elliptical trainer/exercise bike is very hard to put together. One user said it took her over three hours with the help of her husband and she was mechanically inclined. Others complained that the pedals are too steep. Some fixed this problem by putting a piece of wood under the front portion of the machine.

But should you really have to make those kinds of modifications just to use the exercise machine? The ultimate complaint from several users concerns the squeaking and grinding noises the machine makes. Some found this unbearable and no matter how much they tightened or re-tightened the bolts...the noises never ceased.

Will the Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike give you the body and confidence that you need and want? Well according to some users it will definitely give you a headache from the annoying sounds it produces while in use. Though it may seem like a good deal, you may want to give this elliptical trainer/exercise bike a pass and focus on finding another machine instead.

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