Are The Any Reliable Hair Loss Products?

Published: 08th December 2008
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Among the host of maladies that owe their origins to poor life style choices that characterize modern life, hair loss is probably the most prominent one. Hair loss has cut across the gender and age line. Females and younger people who were once unaffected by the problem, now seem to be increasingly concerned about thinning hair and baldness.

Female pattern baldness is no longer a rare thing, as more are becoming bald. Hair loss treatments are now in high demand, as evidenced by the number of hair loss products on the market.

Products for hairloss are available in the form of tablets, oils, shampoos, vitamins, creams and conditioners. It is safe to use herbal products for hair loss, as they have none or little side effects. Chemical preparations, on the other hand, have considerable side effects.

The problem stems from the fact that these products try to address the issue of hair loss at the hormonal level. In the process, they mess with the body's hormonal equation, yet many of the products used for hair loss are FDA approved. This means they are being sold because they are effective treatments, even though there are side effects.

Minoxidil, a successful hair loss treatment in hair loss products can cause an irregular or faster heart beat, chest pains, a decreased sexual drive, rapid weight gain and low blood pressure. Minoxidil also causes severe hair loss in the initial stage. This is a good thing, as this leads to the growth of new and stronger hair.

The biggest disadvantage of using this drug is that the effects do not last long. It works as long it is being used and when hair loss sufferers stop using it, the cycle of hair loss begins again. Finasteride is another popular hair loss product. Its use is limited to only men and this too has many side effects.

Herbal hair loss products do not go through FDA testing or any scientific scrutiny, and are advertised as safe products to use. Yet it is quite possible that herbal hair loss products have some side effects that have not been studied yet.

There is also the possibility that since these are herbal extracts, the body assimilates them easily without causing side effects. In a person's determination to stop hair loss, caution must be exercised while choosing a product and strict observation will help in detecting any negative side effects.

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