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Published: 27th August 2008
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There is little doubt that you know what a carpet is but do you know all of the different types of carpets that are out on the market? There is quite a bit of history attached to carpets and it may surprise you to find out how long they have been around and what they have been used for. They grace our homes and offices but do you often stop to pay attention to their quality or fiber?

Usually that only happens when it comes time to pick out a carpet. We brush them for their softness, peel them apart for their durability and pick them based on the color. But there is so much more to carpets than meets the eye.

In this article we will cover the history and the basic types of carpets. Before long carpets will have more of a meaning to you than simply a soft treading ground.

How long has carpet been around?

It may be hard to believe but carpets have been around since the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC! The earliest one that has survived the test of time is called the "Pazyryk Carpet" and was found in Siberia in 1949. It dates back to the 5th and 4th century BC.

No one is quite sure who made the carpet but there is speculation that either the Iranians or the Persians created this masterpiece of woven fabrics. Knotted pile carpets can be traced back to the 13th century but the best examples of carpets come to us from the Turks who have perfected the art of tapestries and carpets.

What are the different types of carpet?

This is a tricky question because it can be taken two ways. The first is the types of fibers that make up the carpet and the second is the actual types of carpets themselves. Let's go with the second since the type of carpet fibers has already been covered.

There are several different types of carpets and it may surprise you to learn that not all carpets were originally created to be walked upon. It was not until the 18th century that carpets were used as floor coverings. Some of the different types of carpets are: woven, needlefelt, flatweave, hooked and knotted pile carpets. Each one is created using a different method.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding is the process of sealing up the edges of the woven fibers. If you look at a carpet you can see where the edge has a sewn or bound edge that prevents the carpet from unraveling.

Natural fibers are used primarily on materials such as wool or bamboo. Synthetic material is used on synthetic fibers such as polyester and polypropylene.

How is carpet installed?

Carpet is installed in layers. The first layer of a carpet is the under padding. It is a thick, cushion-like material that is tacked down to the base flooring. On top of this thick padding the carpet is laid out in strips and steamed together using a seaming iron and seam tape.

Once upon a time the ends were sewn together but it has proven more cost effective to just steam the two pieces together. The top layer (the carpet) is attached to the padding through glues. If you want a more environmentally and health friendly carpet you can request that natural padding and formaldehyde-free glues are not used.

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